Monday, August 18, 2014

in the poetry of facing her thorns & earth loneliness

like a shadow

you show up swimming

from your latest white-out

papery thin
fucking of determined

sticks to the
middle of the door

Hate by Gladstone Midnight

diamond glinting

nearly everyone

she blames

the party moonshine

flattening the drunken

and a skinny boy
called Marina

black t-shirt pulled to a trickle

horde of tears

imaging you


unholy car horns

the little poem’s
final choice

someone said his name is ________

and his
yellow-striped sun teeth make him approachable
howling like the window blinds
on the porch we see
his eyes on the tiny screen and they are amazing
i am going to write this because
tab clouds are star points
but we’re always distracted
like the waves that can never pod

and each monstrous

dark curve
has a living heart trying on
(at least once)
the snowy white
that will hold forever


my winter is a shadow
that will soon roll down these walls
and across the tiny origami bowls we made together
and i will brave the weather from the corner of my ordinary life
wishing for a couple of downers on my days off
remembering all the skin poems i wrote
suede sky ballads on the roof
for the already inflamed


if words could change
the physical
who would you be and where would i find you